Pastor Lenny Gaines stands as a modern-day voice of the 21st century, embodying the dynamic convergence of ministry and marketplace. His journey is marked by an upbringing in Upstate, South Carolina, where dreams of radio, media, and a fervent engagement in ministry were nurtured. As the Founding-Senior Pastor of PowerHouse Christian Church in Anderson, SC, he has steered its growth from a modest assembly to a flourishing congregation, illustrating the expansive vision he carries for God’s work.

Simultaneously, Pastor Lenny excels in the business realm as the CEO of L Gaines Enterprises LLC, including a realty brokerage and a real estate school in South Carolina. His educational background, with studies at Clemson University, University of Phoenix and currently Penn State, complements his entrepreneurial and ministerial pursuits, showcasing a blend of leadership, education, and business acumen.


When asked what do you do, he simply responds ‘The Three R’s: Religion, Radio, and Real Estate’. Pastor Lenny’s work ethic reflects his commitment to diligence in both spiritual and business ventures. His life exemplifies the seamless integration of ministry and marketplace, serving as an inspiration for navigating divine calling with an entrepreneurial spirit.

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